_A study by Cecelia Tiemann shows that more than one million skeletal fractures occur annually in the U.S. About 300,000 of these are hip fractures that may lead to hip pains which may trigger patients to undergo hip implant surgery such as Depuy pinnacle hip implant. Johnson & Johnson’s third quarter earnings report states about up to 560 DePuy pinnacle  lawsuits have landed in courts for litigation.

Hip implant surgery is defined by MedlinePlus as a hip implant surgery solution for people with severe hip damage. During hip implant surgery, the surgeon pulls out the damaged cartilage and bone from the patient’s hip joint and positions into place new, man-made parts. The surgery takes away the hip pains, revitalizes the patient’s hip joint to work well and increases the capacity to support mobility.

An estimated number of hip fractures will continue to rise worldwide from 1.7 million in 1990 to 6.3 million by 2050, according to World Health Organization. Moreover, what most people once thought were the answers to treating and/or preventing osteoporosis have been out in the  open.

The causes of osteoporosis may develop from previous history of fracture after age 50, decrease in bone mass, post-menopause, small frame and thin, family history of osteoporosis, vitamin D deficiency, low calcium intake, inactive lifestyle, cigarette smoking, use of certain medications, low testosterone in men and overuse of alcohol and caffeine, Tiemann says in her research.

To prevent a person from developing osteoporosis, three ways were being highly recommended. First is to maintain balanced meals, including fats, carbohydrates and proteins along with calcium and vitamin D supplementation. Doing exercise comes next in the list which is considered as a very effective way of stopping and even reversing osteoporosis. Third and last is sunlight in safe doses which has also been shown to benefit bone health from the synthesis of vitamin D in the skin.

The eHow health website also mentions three effective exercises that can avoid a person from getting osteoporosis these are the  strength training which includes extensions, squats and bicep curls. Doing a variation of exercises that may encourage well-balanced muscle development and enhances coordination and balance. Strength training exercises protect the bones against osteoporosis and help maintain a healthy skeletal system and an active lifestyle. Second on the  list is the  aerobic exercise which is beneficial for the hearth and the over-all fitness. Osteoporosis symptoms can be prevented through this process. Last on the list is the is the flexibility exercises which helps prevent osteoporosis by moving the joints over a chock-full choice of motion.

The good news is that with the natural methods of handling bone injury mentioned above, men and women can take more accountability for their bone condition and look headlong to a healthier quality of being. The DePuy Pinnacle Lawsuit  can be avoided by patients who are having independent living free from  the risk of having an artificial hip joints through a hip implant surgery.


With the breakthroughs in technology, innovations are introduced and that includes metal-on-metal implants. Hip implants are among one of the pioneers in the field that can benefit those with severe hip problems especially the elderly. With hip deterioration, the need to find a prosthetic device for the diseased hip joints that could withstand the wear and tear overtime is on the rise. The goal is to make devices that can be permanent to avoid revision surgery hence saving time, money and effort. However, errors cannot be avoided like the issues the DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement system is facing. In fact, you may want to look at this DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement system report made by the Food and Drug Administration.

What is a Metal-on-metal Hip Device?

Metal-on-metal Hip Device is among one of the 4 device options currently available in the US for total hip replacement. The device is made up of metal with the ball, stem and shell as parts. Titanium and Cobalt-chrome are two most commonly used metals in metal-on-metal devices. There is no report on which metal is better but cobalt-chrome is known to be used for almost 65 years on orthopaedic devices with less reports of allergies and/or rejections. When it was first introduced in the US in 2002, it was considered as a huge breakthrough. Cobalt-chrome was the metal used in making the firstmetal-on-metal device.

Some companies like DePuy designed their metal-on-metal device to have an appeal on the youth and the active because of the durability.

Advantages of a Metal-on-metal Hip Device

Metal-on-metal devices are considered the most durable and can last for a long time if given proper care. Metal-on-metal device has  a number of advantages such as the following:
  • Greater freedom of activity
  • Less chances of being dislocated
  •  Less total material removed (compared to other devices) when there is friction between the ball and socket
  • Believed to last a relative longer period of time (at least 15 years) so a revision surgery or another hip replacement won’t be necessary
Concerns on Metal-on-metal Devices

Though it has benefits, the cons were also raised regarding metal-on-metal devices because some can do harm to the individual. Among the concerns raised is the development of metal toxicity as a result of metal particles wearing off due to friction upon movement. Over time, the metal particles can be a possible cause of injury to the bone and the tissues around and this phenomenon is called adverse local tissue reaction (ALTR). This phenomenon may be the cause of loosening of the implants which may need revision surgery. Such reports were made by individuals who filed a DePuy Pinnacle Lawsuit.


Surgery is an experience that could be traumatic especially if you will be faced with post-surgical complications. In any surgical operation, risks are always present and they can lead to debilitating conditions. Patients with DePuy Pinnacle Hip Replacement implants are included and they had to undergo revision surgeries to correct the complications. DePuy Pinnacle lawsuits that could cost Johnson and Johnson $1 Billion or more were filed by the aggrieved parties. Now, this "hip replacement manufacturer has a new product to offer".

Total Hip Replacement is a procedure done to get rid of the damaged hip joints and cartilage by replacing them with prosthetic devices. It has been proven that the risk for complications in hip replacement are relatively low but they do exist and usually occur after the operation when the patient is no longer under close medical attention.

Common Complications in Total Hip Replacement

Blood Clots
  • Blood clots can be formed and can travel along the bloodstream with dangers of reaching the lungs (pulmonary emboli). Aspirin and other medications with similar mechanism of action is given to the patient for prevention.
  • The surgical wound may be an entry for bacteria which could potentially lead to infection of the wound and the joints. Hygiene should be strictly observed when dealing with the wound and it should be checked by the doctor regularly. Although rare in healthy individuals, the most commonly affected are those with underlying diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, chronic liver disease and people who are under corticosteroids. The implants can also be a long-term cause of infection. Antibiotics are usually given to patients especially if they have to undergo procedures like dental works.
Dislocation of the Hip
  • Since the prosthetic devices appear to be smaller than the normal joints, they can easily dislodge from their original spot when in a certain type of position. Your doctor will instruct you of the things to avoid especially in positioning such as taking your knees to your chest. A body brace may be worn to avoid dislocation.
Bone deposits in Soft Tissues Around the Joints
  • Heterotopic ossification is the term for this condition. This can limit the person’s range of motion and surgery has to be done if the limitation can be a hindrance to his/her everyday activities.
Loosening of the Artificial Hip Joint Parts
  • This doesn’t usually show signs unless it is severe and can only be identified with X-ray tests. A revision surgery or another hip replacement will be necessary to repair this condition. This is the most common complaint of individuals who were able to have a DePuy Pinnacle Hip Replacement device as their implant and now filing for a "Pinnacle lawsuit".